The Purge: Election Year

Universal Studios via BPG*

The third movie in this psuedo-political franchise, The Purge: Election Year is even more unnerving than the rest. It is a white-knuckle, action-packed thrill ride that takes viewers into a world where murder is government sanctioned. Terrifying, given our current political climate.

Social Campaign

We were asked to develop the overall look and feel for the campaign that had a fun, yet creepy appeal.  We used lots of textures and blend modes to give the campaign that haunting vibe that worked easily with different styles of creative content.

vimeo video

vimeo video

Countdown Videos

Any film campaign wouldn’t be complete without countdown videos that entice viewers to the film on opening day.

vimeo video

Character Social Posts

Utilizing the artwork from the WildPosting campaign, we produced a series of static images for use across all social media platforms.

*Purge: Election Year was developed for Universal Studios while under contract for BPG