Ghost in the Shell


In Paramount’s 2017 presentation of Ghost in the Shell, director Rupert Sanders preserved the particular visual style of the original Japanese manga and anime adaptations. The feature film, set in the near future, follows a cybernetically augmented soldier, chasing down cyber terrorists. BPG tasked me to create concepts for the motion poster campaign, featuring the film’s unique graphic quality. The project evolved into a series of character driven social media motion cards and disruptive posts.

Motion Poster Concepts

I created a series of motion posters to be used across the current digital platforms, enhancing Paramount’s print campaign. These motion posters emphasize the feature film’s exciting visual style, by pairing live action special shoot videos with artistic accents.

vimeo video

Character Cards

Utilizing the film’s “Glitch” theme, we made a series of character cards to introduce the story’s iconic characters to wide audiences and to drive the franchise’s existing fan engagement.

vimeo video
vimeo video
vimeo video

Facebook Disruptive Posts

Facebook’s growing trend for disruptive posts has exploded in the past year, and Pixelleration helped Ghost in the Shell execute this unique presentation.

*Ghost in the Shell was developed for Paramount Pictures while under contract for BPG