Atomic Blonde


Based on the graphic novel, The Coldest City, Atomic Blonde follows a ruthless female spy through 1980s Germany, just before the Berlin Wall fell. Its nonstop action and kickass stunts propel Charlize Theron to the forefront of action superstars. Taking cues from the film’s visual style and 80s themed electro-clash music, I capitalized on the exciting and heart pumping energy for the social media campaign.

Website Animation

We created a custom animation to bring to life the key art of the film. This video was featured as the hero graphic for the film’s official site.

vimeo video

Social Media Videos

Bringing the high-impact action to social media, I produced a series of creative posts that spotlight the many stylistic elements of the film.

Critic Reviews

The meticulously choreographed fight scenes provided great opportunities for creative integration of the many positive critic reviews. The visual style established for these videos was implemented across the remaining videos.

vimeo video
*Atomic Blonde was developed for Focus Features while under contract for BPG